• Yoga for Athletes

    If you are a man in need of a fantastic stretch; or a marathon runner in need to relax your entire body; or a cyclist with back pain; or a boxer with very tight shoulders; or a martial artist with very tight hips... my classes are PERFECT FOR YOU! I teach a dynamic and fun style of yoga based on classical yoga but with beautiful relaxing music or with dynamic music (no techno of course) that will stimulate detox & healing.Come and give us a try!

  • Yoga in Cobham-Surrey


    Downside Common
    Kt11 3np

    *See map with route from Cobham high St. here-below
    (A 60 second-drive from The Medicine Garden)

    Fee: 13.50/ drop-in

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  • Testimonials

    My greatest treat to myself is a one-to-one yoga session with Tatiana. Whether I'm feeling energetic, ready to really work hard, or I desire a more meditative practice, Tatiana always delivers a quality, powerful yoga session

    Karen Patterson - St. George's Hills, Weybrige - Surre