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I studied yoga with Federation de Yoga in Paris and with Yoga Campus in Notting Hill- London. I have had the chance of advancing my knowledge in yoga with international teachers and yoga masters.

Today, I teach my own style, as a synthesis of what I think are the most therapeutic and beneficial practices for my clients.

I have had the chance of meeting many great people in my classes and luckily they have all loved what I have had to offer.  And although I have had much to give them, I have to say that they have also given me so much in return!

After many sport injuries at the gym and outdoors, and after suffering with severe insomnia, very high levels of stress &  severe fatigue for many years,  I can confidently say today that the most powerful of all healing arts that I have tried over the years – and this from prescription drugs to natural remedies of all types –  is yoga!

So I am here today to share this message of hope with the world: yoga, when properly practiced (according to ancient scripts), has the power to transform your life and make it healthier, more meaningful, and more spiritual than you can even imagine.  And the best part of it, is that all aspects of your life -psychological, emotional, physical, relationships, work, etc.- will eventually benefit from this beautiful and positive transformation! It will be a gradual renaissance to a wonderful world of light and energy.

I can proudly say that I am 100% healthy  and very happy & fulfilled thanks to my beautiful journey with yoga! 

Please get in touch  if you would like to experience healing  in your life with yoga.


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