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FREE Workshop- Manifesting spiritual & material wealth with mantras!!!!

I’m delighted to announce my fantastic new workshop  on the controversial theme of how to MANIFEST SPIRITUAL & MATERIAL WEALTH… with spirituality!

Mid October

(exact date to be confirmed)

Weybridge – Surrey

9.30am – 12pm

(times may vary… please email me with your interest so that I can keep you posted. Thanks!).

This workshop is COMPLETELY FREE – ( just bring £2 as contribution to cover for the cost of the hall – Thanks!).



  • We will discuss why money is important and why negative thinking about money will prevent you from manifesting it.
  • I will explain  how you can materialize wealth through spirituality – with certain yogic meditations and a specific mantra given to me by my guru.
  • We will set an intention – bring your journal and pens.
  • We will practice the mantra for material wealth 1082 times!!! Bring your mala beads.
  • Bring your objects that you wish to energize with the mantra and we will create an altar with all of them. The collective chanting of the wealth mantra will charge your objects throughout the workshop. You can bring malas, images of gurus, mandalas, necklaces, bracelets, statues of deities, gems, lucky charms of your preference, etc.
  • I will give you precious information on the course that follows – you will be welcome to join if you like.


Please come back to this page in September for more info about location of this first workshop, times, etc.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn to meditate with a purpose  and to set as an intention to create fantastic miracles in your life!

All levels of mediation welcome! You do not need to have any previous experience! Just join us!  You’ll decide what you wish to do after.

Get in touch for your booking! Thanks!

Posted on Mon March 20th 2017 by admin