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Are you confused and disappointed about your life? Are you feeling depressed? Lonely? Disconnected? Have you lost sight of your goals and feel like there’s not much hope any more for a better life or a happier you?

I would like to offer you a new approach to solving all these issues that are ruining your current experience: life-coaching with yoga! I have come up with this revolutionary idea and have been helping many people in the last few years who, like you, need a coach that can inspire them, guide them, and be the guiding light in their tunnel. I can help you awaken to your True Self with yoga & its timeless philosophy; with meditation; and with other spiritual techniques that work.

Trauma is not what we think. Trauma is not bad luck or punishment from God. Trauma is not there to ruin our happiness and destroy our dreams. Trauma is not to be feared! Trauma is a golden door that opens us up -as many times as necessary – to new opportunities… Opportunities to grow spiritually, to gain wisdom, to gain grace! Opportunities that put us in the right place at the right time of our evolution as human beings to show us our strengths & the places of weakness where we need to improve and become greater by applying love, compassion, and understanding to this beautiful process of inner and outer expansion. Refusal or incapacity to understand and accept the purpose of traumatic events will only generate more unpleasant experiences in the future and plant deep seeds of negativity and chronic fear. Until we understand that it is us who create these painful situations in our own lives, until we realize that it is us who decided long ago to remain stuck in our fears and in our doubts, we will carry on living at the mercy of destiny attracting unto our experience the wrong people, the wrong jobs, the wrong partnerships, the wrong relationships, the wrong life-style, disease, accelerated aging, etc., perpetuating thus the frustrating and disappointing circumstances that tie us up to hopelessness & depression.

Fortunately for us all, as long as we’re alive there is always hope for renewal and regeneration! What about you learn to turn trauma this time round into a regenerating experience that was chosen by your Inner-Being to show you how powerful and wonderful you actually truly are! This time, this one time, let your frustration and dissatisfaction with life become your most insightful teacher and reach out for that wisdom that your soul so avidly longs for! If you are reading these words now, your Soul has taken you to them!

I’ll demonstrate to you how the toughest times of your life are the richest and juiciest of all in terms of self-growth and self-discovery. And believe it or not, the key to your future happiness lies in them! Confusion, depression, anxiety, disease, divorce, job-loss, failure in any are of life, can all be used as potent transformational tools to trigger quantum transformation, unconditional self-love, and profound self-empowerment.

Together you and I, we’ll turn your worst lows into your absolute best highs! I’ll show you how to begin focusing only and exclusively on the ‘light’ and how to stop energising the ‘darkness’ to your own best and highest good and advantage. Practicing to focus on the light of Source within you will trigger tremendous inner joy, maximum clarity of purpose, and unbreakable determination on transforming your current life into the life that you are meant to live.


  • Your first session is £100 (1hr30mins).
  • A monthly package of four weekly sessions = £360 (@£90/session).
  • A monthly package of eight sessions (two sessions per week) = £640 (@£80/session).

Get in touch today for a free chat and give your life a whole new and fresh direction: 0787 20 22 009