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Yoga in Surrey Testimonials

"Thank you for a really special yoga session yesterday! I felt quite liberated yesterday, I always felt like I had to do things a certain way and bear the pain, now I feel that I can legitimately change the way I practise yoga to suit my body.  I just needed someone to tell me I can do that!  Your strength and belief in what you do is really very inspiring, I love your mantras. I am really pleased to have the opportunity to work with you!

- Ritu Mahendra, Teddington

6th June 2017

Tried yoga before, bot bored and quit... Tried yoga with Tatiana, and loved it! Can touch my toes for the first time in my life!!!

Henry McLean London 16th April 2015

Tatiana is a fantastic yoga instructor. She is great at explaining the postures so you can really benefit from them. I have learned more about yoga from her than from any other teacher I have had in the past. I started with private sessions and then continued with a small group, I think she is one of the best yoga teachers out there!!!

Juanita Veasey Oxshott 16th April 2015

I started yoga to improve my flexibility, as that felt as though it had declined somewhat over recent years and felt that a renewed flexibility would help me in my other sporting pursuits. This was a great decision to make and the time spent at just a handful of lessons has already paid huge dividends. I think with just a few more sessions I would be close to being as flexible as I have ever been in my life. I was aware of the spiritual benefits of yoga but did not expect them to be incorporated into the class as impressively as Tatiana has done. You feel you have woken your body and mind in a truly beautiful way after each session. The feeling of deep relaxation when I have finished the session is second to none. I would recommend this to anyone because you can join in at your own pace, it's a very welcoming environment and the benefits you will receive I think you will be surprised and impressed at how far they can go

Marcus Ahmed Guildford 20th March 2015

Tatiana, thank you so much for introducing me to yoga, I will without a doubt make it a part of my life for the rest of my life. I think it is the perfect practice for me and my body type (stiff). I definitely believe it will keep me physically young and able to enjoy my sports long term. It is the first time I feel I have made progress with all the problems I have with my shoulders and left hip. I am not where I want to be yet (and probably never will be) but I feel have started on the right path finally. On top of that I really enjoy the classes. It has been great fun!

John Paul T Weybridge 16th April 2015

My reason to start Yoga was to help with my flexibility in kickboxing classes. After a few yoga sessions it became apparent that not only did it do that physically but it also helped me mentally. Learning breathing techniques has helped focus me and the stretching has been the perfect complement to my training. As a parent it also highlighted that if I looked after myself then I would also be in a better position to look after my family. I feel as if I've discovered the elixir of life and the bonus is that everyone can - I couldn't recommend it highly enough!

Gary Pettet Cobham 16th April 2015

"Before I met Tatiana, I hadn’t tried Yoga but i always wanted to give it a go. After a bit of Procrastination I decided it was time so I booked my first ever lesson.

I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life. It has changed me for the better and i can’t live without it. I've done other classes with various teachers but no one comes close to the amazing lessons Tatiana teaches. Full of variation, each lesson is exciting and challenging both physically and mentally. I never know what to expect when I arrive apart from an invigorating experience. I've been practicing for 1 year and in that year I have progressed beyond what I thought I would.

Tatiana inspires me to live life how it should be lived, without worries, without stress but full of health, happiness and love. I am so thankful that i met her and I intend to carry on my lessons into the future.

I suggest you try for yourself, you will not be disappointed".

Dave Frankey, Hampton - November 2016


2nd December 2016

Tatiana is a dedicated and joyful teacher. Her Power Yoga classes are always energizing for mind and body. The emphasis is on challenging yourself - but always with the knowledge that Tatiana’s experienced eye will ensure that you are correctly aligned and building on your strength and flexibility lesson by lesson. She has a way of breaking down the elements of the postures until you can confidently complete them by yourself.

Sarra Zemmel Hersham - Surrey 16th April 2015

Relaxing, friendly, fun, mixed yoga class which was perfect for improving my suppleness as part of my post-surgery rehabilitation programme as I worked towards returning to playing hockey. Recommend highly.

Olliver King Weybridge 16th April 2015

My greatest treat to myself is a one-to-one yoga session with Tatiana. Whether I'm feeling energetic, ready to really work hard, or I desire a more meditative practice, Tatiana always delivers a quality, powerful yoga session. When fitting in regular times with Tatiana, I am more flexible, energised, and connected to my own body. Her Power Yoga group class is also a highlight of my week. Thanks, Tatiana, for reminding me why I love yoga so much!

Andrea Green St. George's Hills, Weybrige - Surrey 16th April 2015

I was very lucky to have Tatiana as my yoga instructor. She is a first class yoga practitioner and teacher that I would recommend to anyone. Her classes combine both flexibility, balance, core strength, breathing and relaxation techniques. After attending her challenging lessons I would always feel very refreshed, calm and at peace

Malcom MacCarthy London 16th April 2015

"Thank you for your amazing yoga classes this year. I really enjoy the classes and look forward to them. They are the only exercise I get to do all week and you make it a fantastic workout – for the body and mind! I really appreciate your teaching and like the way you push us in class to do the best we can. I much prefer your style to some softer styles of yoga that I've been to previously"

Tanya Papiani Cobham Yoga 20th March 2015