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The best chocolate in the world!

Dear all,
Chocolate is the “food of the goods”! It comes originally from the Aztecs who prepared and drank “chocolatl” daily from the cacao trees that grow abundantly in their soils. Chocolate is not exactly “Cadbury” products or “Snicker’s Bars”. That is junk with bad quality chocolate in them and tons of sugar and additives. Real chocolate is sacred and extremely nutritious and if you’re interested in buying the best chocolate ever, this is what I recommend: David Avocado Wolfe’s SACRED CHOCOLATE! If you’re looking for organic, raw, unroasted, stone-ground, vegan, sweetened with organic maple syrup, inulin, or erithrol, used ethically and traded from Ecuador… THIS IS IT!

Click on the image below to go to his website and place your orders. Enjoy!

Sacred Chocolate Asmara

Posted on Wed May 1st 2019 by Tatiana Mercier